A free webinar series explaining the process and importance of product development for small business owners.

 Next Webinar: May 29th, 2019 | 7:30 PM EST

Hi, I'm Gabriella Payne, strategy and productivity consultant, and in this FREE webinar series, I'll explain the importance of product development and why ignoring product development leads companies to put billions of dollars every year into products that WILL fail when they hit the marketplace.


I'll teach you what product development includes so that your new products and services cover each segment of the process so that your products actually sell!


Learning objectives for each webinar will be posted 1 week prior to each course along with a free workshop.


All webinars will be available to view for free if you miss the live version until the next webinar series. 


Here are our learning objectives for next week:


  • Why customer surveys are so important

  • The concept of social proof

  • How to use client surveys for social proof

  • The easiest way to get customer surveys

  • Four keys to getting your customer surveys completed

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