The EntreCareer Workbook

The EntreCareer Workbook


What if I told you that with your 9-to-5 job and your personality, you have all you need to start the business you dream of?


If you:

  • Cringe when the alarm goes off in the morning
  • Roll your eyes every time your bosses name shows up on your phone
  • Feel like your job is standing in the way of your purpose


This simple workbook uses my six-step formula to help you go from punching the clock to being your own boss.


To make it easy, I've laid it out in a format that you're used to seeing: a resume.


But this resume is different because you'll have the opportunity to discover:

  • Your Superpower and Kryptonite
  • What Skills You Bring to a Business
  • The Gifts You Don't Even Realize You Have
  • & What You Can Bring to Your Unique Market


Ready to fire your boss? Get your copy now.

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