5 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Sell

For many current and aspiring entrepreneurs, the holiday season can be tough to get through. Your favorite virtual mentors are posting their milestones, accomplishments, and stacks of boxes heading out to be mailed. While you may have some initial excitement for them, these celebrations of their success can also begin to deflate your confidence as a business owner. Trust me, I have had my own moments this holiday season as I am preparing for consulting services, e-book, and event launches for the year 2020.

I encourage you to stop questioning your business idea and work ethic and to start or continue with a few activities of your own. Here are a few things you can do (instead of moping) to help you start building your own empire.

1. Please, finish your business plan.

It took me almost three months to complete a thorough business plan only to turn right back around and change the direction of my business completely. Being that I have now written my second business plan, I can attest to the fact that it will force you to become clear on what you want and how your business will be run. It will also help you to identify areas where you struggle which leads me to the next activity.

2. Plan out your 2020 partnerships.

Once your business plan is complete, you may have recognized areas that were either painful or confusing for you. All of those tasks you will want to delegate or partner with someone else to allow you to focus fully on your area of expertise and enjoy the process of owning your business. You can also think through which partners can help further your marketing efforts.

3. Prepare for pro bono work and associated costs.

If you are not making any money yet, you need to start building your portfolio of clients. By planning out which influencers you can leverage, you increase your chances of getting on their calendar and radar before someone else does. Also plan out how you will document your work whether that be through video, white papers, client testimonials, or before and after photos.

4. Develop a target client list.

Once you get the experience, it is time to jump into the deep end. By understanding which clients you want to work for, you can begin understanding the market and engaging with the people who will potentially hire you. Use the information you learned from your unpaid work to begin understanding what is most important to your target clients so that you can develop the written content to attract them.

5. Start building your email list.

Lastly, go build your email list. There are a plethora of reasons to build an email list, starting with the fact that convenience has become king and people are buying online more often. Not only that, if you plan on having a social media selling strategy, you should understand that email outsells social media by far in terms of ROI and value per subscriber. In other words, followers do not equate to dollars but email lists have proven time and time again that subscribers do equate to dollars.

If you need help building an email list, I invite you to check out our Free 2019 Lead Magnet guide designed to provide you with content ideas and email marketing tips. Do yourself a favor and get started on these items so that you can have some milestones of your own to brag about this time next year. Happy holidays!

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