3 Ways to Improve as an Entrepreneur Using Email Marketing

Like any entrepreneur, I am sure you are always looking for ways to become more business savvy. Before I learned about email marketing, I figured it would be a simple setup.

Here's what I did not know: email marketing will teach you more about your business than your revenue numbers will. Not only that, email marketing helps you to be hyper-aware of what is happening within your organization and forces you to make a change for the better.

There are three specific ways I have seen email marketing develop me as a leader of my business and a soon-to-be millionaire.

#1 You become more in tune with whether or not your business is meeting it's micro-goals.

Email marketing is measured daily, meaning you have the opportunity to catch mistakes as they happen. When you have low open rates, you know that your subject lines need more work. When your click-through rate suffers, you understand that the message or offer is not as enticing.

Conversions, of course, lead directly to the landing page. By focusing on your email marketing, you have to focus on sales and the activities you do regularly to generate sales. This prevents you from spending your time on the administrative side of your business.

# 2 You understand what your customers want from your company.

Similar to social media content, some emails will outperform others by far. By monitoring your high performing emails, you can begin to understand which topics are hot topics for your customers. Additionally, the topics that do not interest your customers can help you to eliminate the services and products that will not make you money.

Email marketing provides the answers to many of your market research questions, which provides you with the incentive to stay in tune with your company's open and click-through rates.

#3 You are forced to create a linear strategy for your company's marketing campaign.

Nothing will force you to create a sales funnel like an email marketing campaign. After all, it is not wise for you to spend hours sending emails that discuss a multitude of topics with no end game in mind.

That will confuse your customers about what it is you offer and hinder your ability to become an expert on the topics you will be paid for. Remember that a generalist gets paid the average, and the expert gets paid the exception.

Which one do you want to be?

If you are reading this, I have a good idea.

Good business owners are not built overnight, but through failure and problem solving within their business and for their customers. Using email marketing you have the power to build a community that buys from you and provides you with the feedback you need to create concise product offerings that sell.

If you are just starting to build your email list, be sure to check out our 2019 Lead Magnet Guide if you have not already!

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