Gains > Losses

You never lost time. You gained experience.

I used to have a scarcity mindset, especially when it came to a diversion in my plans. In other words, whenever things didn’t go as I thought they should I viewed it as a waste of time. This included everything from traffic jams to conversations and relationships. My scarcity mindset lead me to fear being apart of everything because I was afraid to lose time. Little did I know, my inaction was also losing me time so I would’ve been better off jumping in the deep end even if it didn’t work out as I planned. You never lose time. You gain experience - and until you get to a place where the experience teaches you a lesson you’ll continue to repeat the same patterns. Not losing time. Not wasting your youth. Gaining experiences that will help you in the future. Crazy what a mindset shift can do, isn’t it?

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