Alive, Free, and Driven

It can't be all work. It can't be all fun. You need both to feel alive, free, and driven.

Over the past two weeks I started a new job that requires a little more brain power and a lot more focus. I initially struggled attempting to find the balance between fun and work.

On one hand, I dropped many of my professional obligations outside of work to compensate for the mental exhaustion from work. One the other hand, I spent one too many evenings having fun during the week instead of preparing for the next day.

I'm currently working towards being in a position where I can figure out what doing both feels like.

I see the importance of balance. I know it can't be all fun, nor should it be all work.

I also understand that every time you get a new obligation for something you have to re-evaluate what that balance looks like for you.

Today take the time to understand if you need more fun or work, and then use discipline to take you either way.

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