My Vision Board Story

In December of 2015, I hosted a vision board party with the help of another business owner. At the time I heard about vision boards from a few online articles and I bought into the hype. I'll be honest, I knew they were powerful but I had no idea just how powerful they were.

Two years later I have accomplished every single thing on my vision board, so I decided to create two new ones based on my goals of being a full-time entrepreneur and being debt free.

But how do vision boards work and why do they work?

The first thing vision boards do is provide visual representations which heavily impact our subconscious mind. This is important because according to Dr. Bruce Lipton, Biologist and expert on subconscious beliefs and their effects on our genes, "we operate 95 to 99 percent of our lives from subconscious programs." Therefore the way we operate on a daily basis is the result of our deep-seated beliefs about what we deserve, what we are worth, and what we can do.

This is why when you hear about things such as the Law of Attraction they focus on creating new mental patterns that alter the subconscious to accept and seek greater results in your personal and professional life.

In other words, if you deep down believe you are worth $70,000 per year, you'll work to that capacity and most likely attract jobs within that capacity. At some point, after working that job you begin to believe your value in the workplace is higher and you start to act out of that belief by seeking a job or position that now pays six figures.

When you put together a vision board and put it somewhere in your home, your subconscious constantly sees it and starts to work towards it. This is why even though I spent very little time looking directly at my vision board every single thing on it manifested. Your subconscious does not just see what you direct your attention to, it monitors your environment.

I put my vision board on top of my bedroom on my dresser knowing that it would be in my line of sight every morning when I woke up. Inadvertently, it became the guide of my day.

So what goals did I accomplish?

I became a blogger.

I tried to blog three times, and after the third time, I was able to build consistency. I just celebrated one year of blogging. I honestly forgot that this was one of my goals until I recently read over my vision board.

I traveled a lot.

I have a magazine cut out that says "Mobility Index: Jetsetter" on my vision board and after reviewing my flight history I saw that I took 30 flights within the past year - that's an average of two flights a month. On top of that, beginning in September I will be flying once a week.

I got in shape.

Getting in shape has been one of my lifetime goals, specifically, I'd like to be at my goal size before I have children. Over the past few months, I've been able to decrease my body fat from 33% to 26%. My ultimate goal is 20%, but I'll take the 26% for sure!

I fell in love with myself.

There was a funny quote I found in a magazine that said: "Nice Booty, Great Sole". It was a Nike ad selling shoes, but it stood out to me because I wanted to be beautiful on the inside and the outside. Over the past year or so I've been completely committed to becoming a better woman, friend, sister, and daughter.

Now that I have my two new vision boards up I have no idea how I will manage to accomplish it all, but I didn't know two years ago when I created the first vision board how to do it all either. I can't wait to update you all on how that vision board goes. If you haven't created a vision board, let this success story be an indicator on how much impact they have on your life.

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