Stop Saving Them

Stop saving people who need rock bottom to grow.

I heard a story the other day about a little boy and a caterpillar. The boy was given a caterpillar as a pet, and eventually built and stayed within its cocoon. One day the caterpillar was just about done his process of becoming a butterfly and decided to come out of the cocoon. The boy then saw that the caterpillar was struggling to get outside its cocoon. Instead of allowing the caterpillar to struggle on its own, the boy decided to cut the cocoon open so that the caterpillar could be free. But oddly enough after doing so, the caterpillar was NOT a butterfly but had a fat body and flimsy wings. So the little boy wondered why isn’t my caterpillar getting any better. Apparently, the caterpillar NEEDED to struggle in order to push the fluids out of its body and into its wings. By attempting to prevent the caterpillar from suffering, the boy actually stunted its growth. And sometimes, out of love and care for the people in our lives, we continue to save them from themselves. Sometimes we have to let people fall so that they can build character through adversity. You taking the step back will remove the safety net and help them realize that they are responsible for their life and success. So cut the cord and let them figure it out. Let them hit rock bottom. Support them from a distance and when, and only when, you see a conscious effort on their part you can close in to provide more support.

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