Choose You

If it's between you and them, choose you.

In that past, I was guilty of allowing a lot of people I loved to step over me. For a long time, I never chose me because I thought it was selfish and maybe I thought that I couldn't do better.

I'm blessed to say I'm past that stage in my life, but I know how easy it is to fall into that trap of guilt when you just want to be there for someone.

The reality is that someone for you would never ask or assume for you to choose them. As a matter of fact, they'd commend you for choosing you.

Not only that but if you are not choosing you, tell me who is? Who is making sure you're okay? Who is giving you the love and attention you truly need?

Let me put you on game: people don't know how to love you if you don't show them first. They learn how to love you by watching what you accept from others and how you treat yourself.

Promise me that one day this week you will choose you. Maybe it's saying "no" to that party you don't want to go to. Maybe it's getting that massage you've wanted. Maybe it's letting go of someone you love that doesn't love you back. Maybe it's going after that career change.

Whatever it is, choose you. You can't spend all your life worrying about the consequences that come with loving yourself. Just do it.

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