Who’s To Blame?

Your lack of accountability is slowing down your progress.

“What I'm tryna say is the blame can go deep as seas Just to blame 'em all I would need like twenty CD's” - J. Cole

It’s easy to point the finger at a person not giving you the opportunity. It’s easy to blame it on your geographic location. It’s easy to say that capitalism is a hoax and that’s why you can’t make it. The reality? There are a million factors to your success but the biggest of the all is your unwillingness to grind it out and take responsibility for your future. So you can take the easy road to a difficult destination, or take the difficult route to an easy destination. It’s hard to look yourself in the mirror and say, “I didn’t work hard enough”. It’s hard to review your time spent log on your iPhone and see that you’ve spent 5 days out of your month on Instagram scrolling. Accountability is hard - but you refusing to be accountable is what’s holding you back.

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