Top 6 Distractions of Your Summer

For most people summertime represents freedom, food, and fun - but for the entrepreneur, summer is a time of year that brings more distractions than usual requiring us to be even more aware of what those distractions are, how much time and money they cost us, what we could be doing instead.

I’ve put together this list of distractions that happen specifically when it’s warm out to help you keep an eye on your time and your wallet this summer.

Music Festivals

Broccoli City, Rolling Loud, and Coachella are just a few examples, but due to the rising costs of concert tickets music festivals are becoming more common and more popular.

What’s better than seeing not one, but several of your favorite artists at one venue?

Well if you’re an entrepreneur, there could be a lot at stake. If the festival is not in your city, chances are you will incur hotel, airfare, Uber/car rental, and food costs for your trip. Even if you’re local, tickets to less expensive festivals such as Broccoli City will cost you about eighty bucks.

Eighty bucks may seem like nothing, but in the bigger scheme of things, it's money you won’t be able to spend on office supplies, new software to make your internal processes more efficient, and events that are actually related to your industry.

There’s also the cost of time. Chances are you’ll pregame with friends, and if you’re working a 9-to-5 Saturday is your most valuable asset. After drinking before and/or at the festival you’ll be in no shape to do any work for the remainder of the day, and that’s just for the one-day festivals.

Cookouts and Pool Parties

Cookouts and pool parties, on the other hand, are typically free. Not only that, you typically get to see other family members and friends all in one place. This is an amazing feat of cookouts, but if you’re attending one every weekend you could be missing out on crucial work time.

Like music festivals, however, alcohol is often involved in these parties. Not to mention, if it’s a potluck you’ll have to go get ingredients for whatever you’re responsible for bringing and possibly cook it.

Your out of pocket cost is low, but cookouts tend to go all day and sometimes all night. You may have trouble getting up the next day so even though this event usually starts later in the evening, it’s more likely to cost you daylight the next day.


Nothing makes a woman smile like the sound of brunch with bottomless mimosas, right? As an avid brunch lover, I know how fun it can be to sit in the sun at your favorite rooftop spot and catch up on what’s happening in life.

From a financial perspective, the average brunch outing is going to cost you around $30-$50. Then you have to count the Uber because of course, you’re not going to drive after drinking.

If you’re getting bottomless mimosas, it’s safe to go ahead and throw the rest of the day away. Many brunches now turn into full-blown day parties, so you can wave goodbye to any work you were going to do that day.

Social Media

Although this isn’t specific to summer, I simply couldn’t leave this time sucker off of the list. Between creating content and spending time scrolling the average person spends a whopping -- hours on social media.

Social media is supplemental. It is not the marketing plan, but a portion of it.

Consider this fact:

"Australia’s top 10 most valuable companies have a total of 175,000 followers combined."

Don’t spend too much time creating content for social media when you could be creating products and finding new qualified leads instead. Consider that on average I only spend about 3.5 hours per week on my content. On the flip side, I spend about 20 hours per week creating products and services that I can actually sell.

Other Projects

I always say it is better to water one plant with 24 ounces and let it grow than to spread 24 ounces of water over several plants. The ounces represent the hours you have in a day. The plants represent the number of projects you have.

If you’re anything like me, you’re an innovator. You always have a new, exciting idea for something you could do. However, just because you have a good idea doesn’t mean you should execute it. The product development process itself is extremely time-consuming when done properly, not to mention it takes away from what you currently have going on.

Dan Norrisof puts it this way,"If you are onto a good thing, don’t get distracted by something else. Shutting something down, assuming you’ve given it a well decent crack is fine, but constantly jumping from idea to idea is a recipe for failure."

Remember that this notion includes partnerships and be sure to fully vet partners before you waste precious time working on a project doomed to fail from the beginning. Conversely, be sure you have time to give your all to the partnership and if you don’t have time politely decline. It is not worth the damage that a poor effort on your part or theirs could cause to your brand, and it’s much better for you to save face with customers as opposed to risking it all for an opportunity that may not even be as good as it seems.


I could’ve probably just left the heading here and you would’ve gotten the point. However, I’m a writer so I’ll give you the facts. Netflix is addicting, seriously. It creates the same chemical reactions in your brain that causes drug addictions. With shows like 13 Reasons Why, Dear White People, and Luke Cage coming out back to back it’s tempting to sit in front of the TV all day.

Instead of that, use your favorite show as a reward and try to only watch a few shows at a time if you can.

So there you have it: your top distractions this summer. Of course, you have to have some fun. I hear quite a few entrepreneurs, even my favorite Gary Vee, telling everyone to skip summer and stay focused which I agree with. On the flip side, I also think a boozy brunch every now and then won’t prevent you from success. Just make sure you’re not doing these things every weekend, and when you are, be sure to prepare by being more productive earlier in the week. Summer is another season with a little more fun, but remember why you started your business and stay disciplined. In no time, you’ll be able to enjoy your summer while getting updates from your employees that say “Everything is good here, just enjoy your time off”.

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