Take a moment to consider these facts:

When you were an infant, walking was uncomfortable.

Once you started walking, running was uncomfortable.

As an adolescent who could then walk and run, you most likely realized lifting heavy items was uncomfortable.

Yet as an adult, you most likely have walked, ran, and lifted heavy things without thinking twice.

What's the theme here?

My academic advisor Olivier Roche put it to me this way when I was in his office begging to get out of calculus or statistics since I had them in the same semester:

"No matter how much you try to put it off it will suck. It will either suck now or later, but I think for you it is better to get it out of the way. I'm not letting you transfer out of the class."

I ended up with an A in Calculus and a B in Statistics that semester.

I was uncomfortable, but I stuck with it and as a result, it became easier.

Don't run from discomfort. It's how you grow.

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