The Sweetest Revenge

The best revenge is realizing you don’t want revenge.

Today’s post is about transparency. A week or two ago I saw some people I used to really hate. Like the kind of people that make your blood boil. And growth is funny because you don’t realize it’s happened until you’re presented with an opportunity to be face-to-face with the person. But something amazing happened: I felt nothing. I looked and nothing happened. No blood boiling. No anger. Just apathy. Just...”blah”. I realized how much anger and pent up aggression I had let go of and immediately became so proud of myself. Hate has no place in me anymore. Neither does contention, or ill will, or holding grudges. Sorry Beyoncé, best revenge is not your paper. It’s peace. It’s not wanting revenge. It’s not caring anymore. It’s being blinded by love so much that you don’t even recognize hate or dissension. The best revenge is not needing revenge to have peace. And I’m happy to say I’m good with just that. Save the revenge for someone else.

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