The Impermeable Character

Never let another person’s actions dictate your character.

Story time: So while I was in college there was a staff member I despised immensely. Nevertheless, one day she gave me some of the best advice I’d ever heard. She said to me “You shouldn’t let how other people act dictate your actions.” I rolled my eyes and ignored her because quite frankly I thought to myself: “She should really take her own advice.” However recently as I’ve focused on becoming a more beautiful person and doing INNER work, I recognized her statement to be a vital truth. I no longer seek to recompense wrong for wrong. I let wrong be wrong and still do right. Because that’s who I am now. A woman of integrity, grace, and kindness. Sure - I have my moments of imperfection, but I try to keep those moments few far and in between. So decide who you are and don’t let anyone change that. It’s a choice that will change your world.

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