You’ll never be the perfect person they want you to be. No worries — they are not perfect either.

Every now and then it seems that people expect perfection out of us and even worse, we feel this intense obligation to meet their request. People will bring up things from years ago and even expect you to apologize or feel guilty for your mistakes a million times over. Here’s what I’m learning: EVERYONE makes mistakes. NO ONE is perfect. That includes me, you, and the person who criticizes you for your actions. We are flawed individuals, but we must move past our mistakes after we make them and make amends. There’s no additional reconciliation needed. Also remember: if they are criticizing you harshly, they criticize themselves even harsher. So if you’ve made amends for your mistakes and it’s not enough for them, understand that’s no longer your responsibility. Peace requires that you live guilt free. Own your peace starting today.

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