Self-love does not make you void of responsibility. Make the right choices.

I love the new #Selflove movement and I think it’s been much needed in a generation that is constantly fighting to prove what they are worth. At the same time I’ve noticed self-love being used to justify behaviors that are unhealthy and selfish. It’s not self-love when you refuse to diet and go to the gym even though your health risks for things like diabetes and a heart attack have increased. It’s not self-love when you spend money that you don’t have to go on shopping sprees that you don’t need. It’s not self-love when you cut off and push away the people who care about you the most and want to support you. If anything, self-love is responsibility in its purest form. It’s an accountability to self that requires doing what IS good, not what FEELS good. Love yourself. Really, love yourself. Don’t make emotional decisions and call it self-love. You can make responsible decisions. The choice is all yours.

Gabriella Payne increases engagement in teams and communities through inspiration and strategic development. She works with universities, athletic groups, and corporations to help students and recent graduates transform their futures through strategy development workshops. She is also an advocate for healthy relationships and teaches a series called "See It Coming".

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