Refreshing the Resolution

It’s almost the spring time now, so I wanted to be the one to ask:

How is that New Year's Resolution going? What has gone well? What hasn’t gone well?

These are the questions I reflect on every single week, and it helps me to determine what I need to stop doing and what I need to keep doing. If you haven't asked yourself these questions yet keep reading!

As you know I hosted my second Vision Board Experience last January 2017, and no worries, I haven’t forgotten about you all I just noticed there was a must stronger need in keeping the goals on track than their was in creating them.

Check out how much we grew from a group of 10 to over 40 people attending in 2017!

The event was so powerful, this was some of the commentary we received:

By now you're probably wondering, "If the event went so well, why the change?" Well, there are so many vision board events out there that you have a multitude of choices. I still recommend attending a vision board event, or doing your own at home.

Here's what I want to share with you:

60% of Americans give up on their New Year’s Resolutions by June. - find source

Thus I saw a need to create this all new event: Refresh the Resolution.

The word "Refresh", according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, means to restore strength and animation to.

A lot may have happened between January, therefore the purpose of this event is to address the goals you already have and add excitement behind them by creating a detailed strategy plan.

Here's how we do it:

You get to meet new people who are as serious about their goals as you, along with some of our event partners who have already made tremendous impacts to the community and the world around us. Afterwards, we get serious and make plans with actual dates to get you where you want to be.

After the event, you have one free consultation with me with to work you through the next steps.

From now until June, I’ll be releasing some content geared towards goals and planning.

Stay tuned for Pre-Sale tickets within the coming weeks. Until then, stay strong and stay focused!

With Love,


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