Focus On Yours

Focusing on theirs won't make yours come any faster.

The enemy of progress is distraction. Where we go wrong, is when we lose focus and begin to envy what someone else has. You have no idea the sacrifices it takes in private to sustain something that appears to have happened overnight for someone in public.

So right focused. Stop trying to calculate the struggle, it's unique to your journey. There is no boiling point on hard work, it is a lifestyle. Your time is limited so it's best that you spend it doing things that will push you towards your goals and not away from them. Be inspired, but never so inspired that another person's success makes you feel like your progress is not enough. Keep your focus on what you can impact, and let your past impact motivate you to make a bigger one.

Gabriella Payne is an international motivational speaker, confidence expert, and advocate for women. She works tirelessly to build confidence in girls and women by transforming their mental thought patterns and teaching new, healthier habits. She is also an advocate for domestic abuse survivors and teaches a six week course called "Escaping Abuse".

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