How Bad Do You Want It?

"Do you really want it or are you just gonna settle again?"


There comes a time in every persons life where everything they used to want is dangled in front of them for the taking as a TEST to see if they are willing to settle based on how far they've come. What I needed in friendships and relationships last year is not at all what I need this year. That means some of the relationships I initially fought hard for, I've decided I don't really care that much. I was talking to my best friend Jesse when the conversation came up that I really meet some amazing people — both dating and friendships — but being amazing doesn't make them a good fit for me. I know what I need now and though some people are cool, it doesn't make them right for me.

So then the question comes: Do you really know what you want, or are you just going to settle again?

Gabriella Payne builds teams and communities through inspiration and strategic confidence development. She works with universities, athletic groups, and corporations to help students and recent graduates transform their mental thought patterns by teaching new, healthier habits. She is also an advocate for the prevention of domestic abuse and teaches a series called "See It Coming".

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