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Gabriella Payne, Business Operations Strategist

Starting a business feels a lot like that. Like someone put the responsibility of the world on your shoulders with a smug grin and said “good luck”...except the person who set you up this time is you.


Well picture 22 year-old me when I was told I had the responsibility of:

  • Developing training procedures

  • Relocating a department

  • Training a new team


I was the only. The only Black person. The youngest. One of four women in a position of leadership. Everything was so new…and scary.


But I knew I had to figure it out because I couldn’t let them make me look bad. I stayed after work. I worked weekends. I asked around and when people purposefully hid information from me I became the world’s next best private investigator.


Fast forward 4 months later and I did it. The department was moved. The manuals were created. The team was trained.

That's right: your girl proved them wrong!

But while the team was being trained, so was I. In the process of conquering my own fears and fighting against a system I knew did not want to see me win I learned how to create the infrastructure that was required for a business to provide the best customer service.

That experience coupled with my Customer Insights work done internationally during my study abroad program for an import/export business and for Target Corporation helped me to master customer service through branding and creating efficient business operations. Add in years of research and now you have this workbook: the Master Your Craft e-book.

Master Your Craft

The Information You Cannot Find...


No fluff, just the stuff you actually need. We're here to help!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Business Plan.

Prevent procrastination and write your business plan in 30 days.

Learn to Set Up Your Business...

From 0 to Launch

From LLCs to EINs to getting the customer testimonials you need!

20+ Worksheets to Keep You Engaged...

Yay Completion!

Reading can be boring. We used text and worksheets to help you finish this book!




I wasn't sure how business worked. I struggled to understand the fundamentals and I felt depressed about not starting. The book explained the process of starting a business , walked me through how to start,  and helped me to organize my thoughts. I feel so relieved knowing I am moving in the right direction.

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Oh - and you'll get access to our end of the month Q&A where no question is off limits and you can share and learn with other business owners who have read the e-book with you.

But you have to order before the pre-sales are over. Time is ticking!




Q: When will the e-book be delivered?

A: For pre-sales the e-book will be delivered no later than 7/7. For all others, the e-book will be available on 7/10 at 12pm for purchase.

Q: How will the e-book be delivered?

A: The e-book will be delivered to the email provided at checkout. If you have any issues, please email us your name at

Q: What if I miss out on the Instagram Anatomy Min-E-Book or the Q&A Session?


A: You can get the Instagram Anatomy Min-E-Book for purchase. You'll see a link here if that happens. The recorded Q&A Session will be available for purchase but we will only be doing one Q&A.

Q: My question isn't listed here. Who do I contact?

A: If you have any other issues or questions, please email us your question at

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